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Drew comes to us originally from Toronto Canada, but now is living in Lakeland Florida. Drew is a musician by trade and after finishing school. Drew toured and performed for 7 years before heading out to sea in 2001. Apparently, Drew likes to talk, which got him in a lot of trouble during school, but also comes from his days in radio. If you are from the Chicago area, Drew had the amazing opportunity to get involved in an intense mentorship program and worked at WGN radio for a year and a half...and yes there is more. He is also a photographer and spends most of his holidays working on this part of his life. You can check out his photographs and keep in touch with him through his website Drew loves what he does, loves coffee and loves to entertain everyone as much as possible. Make sure you say Hi to Drew throughout your cruise vacation and enjoy all we have to offer.


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Cruise Director
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Cruise Directors
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